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Y'know, it's kind of a shame. We have all these awesome comics to give away this week, in addition to a book on how to draw in 3-D; only problem is, none of you will get them. Why, you ask? Well, I think I may have created the perfect riddle. One none of you will solve. I have you all stumped. Ha-HA! 
However, if you foolishly attempt my mental conundrum, you'll find it below the prizes. Give me your best guess in a private message (option to do that found on my profile page) by today, Friday, at 5pm. Anybody who posts an answer in the comments below will be disqualified! All citizens of the world are welcome to play! I'll randomly select from a pile of folks that got the answer right and will announce it on this article, and in a PM sent to the winner, at 5pm.

And here's the riddle. Not to be attempted by the feint of heart... 

A Brit in accent, New Yorker true,

this helper aided an avenging crew.

A man in comics, but a voice on screen,

he'd keep the iron nice and clean.

Who is it?
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I think I've got the answer... I just can't be bothered to enter the competition... Hahaha

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good riddle

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This one is easier than last weeks if you ask me. I do like this weeks better just because to me it's more of a riddle than the last one.

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I've got no idea..... I'm usually good with riddles...
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Nice riddle.