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**UPDATE: Congrats to EnSabahNurX on Twitter for winning this Free Fridays giveaway! Please check your Twitter PM inbox to give us your shipping and contact information** 

 This serious looking legos can be yours!
In case you missed them, here are the reviews from the Comic Vine staff for the week of July 26th. You'll notice that there are asterisks (*) next to a couple of the reviews below. We're giving you a shot to win them! All you have to do to be eligible is 1) Go to Twitter, follow @comicvine and tweet "I LOVE @comicvine" and 2) be a U.S. resident. You have until 5 PM PDT today, Friday July 30th to tweet! So be sure to check out Comic Vine's reviews listed below, stay tuned for even more Unscripted Reviews, and comment on this post!   
Note: Be sure to check your Twitter PM box after the contest is over to see if you won!

But that's not it! Comic Vine member mrrpm01 (who had some awesome costumes at Comic-Con - photos here and here) was able to get us some awesome Marvel Mini Mates toys (see photo above) and we'll be giving one of the boxes away with the comics this week. The characters in the box are Cable, Deadpool, Domino, and Feral.

== TEASER ==


Zack Freeman: 

 The Comic Vine staff is happy when you read their reviews.
And here's our schedule for Unscripted Reviews. Be sure to tune back in to check them out! 

Thur: Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #4

Friday: Uncanny X-Men #526

Monday: Wonder Woman #601

Tuesday: Flash #4

Wednesday:Justice League of America #47 
Enjoy the reviews, and good luck!
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" Hey!  You swiped that pic from my facebook.  ;p "
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There is no review of Justice League Generation Lost 6 but remember to read this issue. This and the Flash 4 are my two favourite comics of the week.

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