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The latest Crazy Caption Contest ended Sunday.  We debated (argued) over the winner yesterday.  I made an executive decision and went with a grand prize winner and a runner up. 
The grand prize is the following comics:  Superman Annual #14, Captain America #602, Ultimate X-Men #87, Green Lantern #149, Annihilation Conquest #2, X-Factor #34, X-Man #48, The Mice Templar #4, Soldier X #1, Tomb Raider 1/2, Wolverine #59, Danger Girl Kamikaze! #2, Young Avengers Presents Patriot #1, Countdown #28, Realm Of Kings Inhumans #3, Spider-Man: Quality of Life #3, Daredevil #63, Spawn #125, Weapon X #27 and The Avengers #56. 
The winner is  cold_fuzion with: 

If you think that's cool, watch me hold up this huge thought balloon.     

Simple yet it made us laugh right away.  I even noticed a couple others came up with similar ideas after. 
I know that picture above isn't the best but if you look carefully at the first one, Superman Annual #14, you might notice that it is signed by writer James Robinson.  Here's a bigger image: 

I did mention a runner up.  I decided to also give an autographed Superman Annual to Illyana Rasputin.  We liked the creativity in the submission: 
We will have another of these contests soon (we need to recover).  I also have more of those signed comics courtesy of Isotope Comics when we went and saw James Robinson when he took over Bloomindales in San Francisco back in October.
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The winning entry is simple, but still clever. I like it.

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Congrats to both of you! 
Illyana's did wow me!
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Awesome idea & awesome realization
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@timrothsays said:
"  Awesome idea & awesome realization "
Thank you very much, everyone! I appreciate it. :)
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that was my fav
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Great job to the winners! I loved both of them.

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Congrats guys!

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Holy crap! I'm funny? Wow... I never would have guessed it. Thank you so much!

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i came up with similar except i used speech bubble and not thought balloon !!!

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ahh nah i didnt ,i said cloud but i concede defeat honourably.

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Love the entries, they all made me chuckle, but these are great.  Good job Cold Fuzion!   I am impressed with Illyana Rasputin's entry!  Awesome!