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After a week of waiting, we are now ready to announce the winners of our Cowboys & Aliens new mash-up contest
The idea was to take the concept of the original comic and upcoming movie and add a new angle to it. In other words, we wanted to see Cowboys and....something else. We had three categories. Two winners in a written pitch category, two in an art category and one in a photoshop category.

Why has there been a delay? Partly because I was out of town the past week and partly because there were quite a few entries to go through. At least in terms of the written entries.
In the Written Pitch category, we had many many to choose from. After some deliberation and trying to convince each other why these should be the winners, here are our two written winners: 
 == TEASER ==


Cowboys and The Evil Dead

In 2011 "Ash" has retired from S-Mart, and is seeing a psychiatrist to deal with his horrific memories of his battles against the Deadites and the Necronomicon. Dr. Lucas, Ash's psychiatrist keeps trying to re-assure ash that the Necronomicon doesn't exist. through a series of consultations Dr. Lucas gets Ash to finally hone up the courage to go back to the cabin where it all started. Once there Ash and Dr. Lucas find the Necronomican in the fire-place. Dr. Lucas begins to read from it, Ash screaming begging him not to. Then Lucas' face and body contort being possessed by a deadite. a Fight ensues between he and Ash which ends up in the tool-shed where Ash finds his Chainsaw hand. Ash takes off after the Necronomicon, and it transports them to the Wild West at the Turn of the century. Once there Ash meets up with his psychotic ancestor and his girl "kitty". The Trio must battle hordes of Deadites in the wild west. And work together to get Dr. Lucas (whom we find out is an ancient witch doctor) and the Necronomicon.


Cowboys & Disco

A self-proclaimed mad scientist uses his position as a  discothèque's maintenance worker to conduct his experiments.  He creates a fractal light cage using the disco balls, and with a mishap involving a few ice cubes, displaces the dance club in time.  The cowboys posse up to check out the new addition to their town.  Then things get funky.  Who will survive?   

There was also a long-edit version.

For the drawings...we had two entries so that means two winners.

CoinReturnSlot with Cowboys & Orcs of Mordor and ExtremeRadical with Cowboys & Minecraft.

And for the photoshop winner, Beaded Justice with Cowboys & Doctor Who

Congrats to all winners. Thanks to everyone that entered. Winners, I will send you a pm.
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my heart jumped. I can't believe I won. Thank You G-Man, and everyone else at Comicvine :D

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Congratulations!  Those are terrific entries.  I love seeing Earp with the Doctor :)

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@xerox-kitty:@TDK_1997:@Mucklefluga: thank you guys. :D
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NP =)
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Congrats to the winners!  :)

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i only won cause no one else entered in the photoshop category 


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@Bearded Justice said:

i only won cause no one else entered in the photoshop category 


did i not use the term "Sexy beast"? No one else would WANT to go up against that bad boy. Be proud. That really is the idea that just destroys the competition.
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you are absolutely right!  how could i have ever thought otherwise


if only such a combination existed  sigh

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@xerox-kitty said:
" Congratulations! I love seeing Earp with the Doctor :) "
             I never knew the Doctor and Earp met before.
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Great job guys! Congratulations tp the winners!

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bummed I have to buy a copy :/...... im over it, congrats to the winners x)

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@Vorien79:@Ash The Flash:@U R Sofa King We Todd Did:@danhimself: Thank you guys :D
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There were a lot of entertaining ideas presented.  Congratulations, one and all.

I did a few rough layouts too, but I'm way too rusty with my art skills.
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@strangeling: congrats to you as well :D
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@Caligula: Congrats, mate! :)
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@FadeToBlackBolt: thank you :D
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Very nice!

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I've been so busy studying (and playing Mortal Kombat) that this one almost slipped right past me.

Super cool.
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delayed congrats :)

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Doctor Who and Cowboys!!! Why didn't I think of that!