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Last week, CV put up a contest asking you fine folks to make your own Captain America poster, and we got a BOATLOAD of AMAZING responses. However, just like the Highlander, there can be only one. After literally a hour, and a weekend, of trying to pick a winner, one that not only followed the guidelines, but one that would blow us away, we found a winner. So here we go... The winner is Astro52

Astro utilized two elements of one of the pictures, and came up with a sweet tag line. The poster had a sweet teaser aspect to it, and yes, we noticed the DC/Warner Brothers jazz at the bottom, but it's forgivable. Astro will be receiving 20 random books from the ComicVine vault. 
Thanks to everyone who participated! There was so much great creativity, and it was truly hard to pick just one winner!
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That's a really awesome poster design. I'm sure the actual movie poster (if/when it comes out) will look something like that. Congrats Astro52!

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Congrats Man one of the better pics of the comp.

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Congrats Astro52!
You led the way led the way!

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Wow, that poster is epic, I could never make something as cool as that! Congratulations Astro52.
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great poster mate

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Very good.
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This is AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Dude I really want to see this poster up for the movie.

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WOW, good job!
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Looks great! Congrats!

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... ... ... he used 2 pictures?

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Good job!

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@Yung ANcient One said:
" ... ... ... he used 2 pictures? "
Oops, my bad. For some reason when I typed this up I thought he did.
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Not really sure I like the tagline, but the composition is nice.  Congrats!

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The tagline could be a bit better...but the poster is by far the best! Good job Astro52!

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@inferiorego said:
" @Yung ANcient One said:
" ... ... ... he used 2 pictures? "
Oops, my bad. For some reason when I typed this up I thought he did. "
alright then
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I notice the WB symbol down there.

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Really REALLY Sick poster........  But

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omg i did the exact same thing just couldn't post it 4 some reason 
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thumbs up soldier!

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Great job, dude.

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Congrats   Astro52!  Frame-worthy work-doesn't even need the tag line.

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meh not bad.

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@inferiorego said:
"a sweet tag line.
Hmmm lifts eyebrow,
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Congratulations to the winner! All the entries were pretty awesome though, I must say! Can't wait to launch the next contest :D

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It's a good poster. Looks more like a teaser poster to me though. It's kinda plain.
Congrats anyway Astro52!

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My major problem is the text at the bottom is just taken from the Batman Begins poster.
Aside from that, not a bad teaser.

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This is an awsome idea. Good job.

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Woah, congrats Astro52!  Nice work with all thelittle details :)
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thats awesome but the tagline is a bit iffy