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Fourpower and Coldblood-6's entry into the Feb Contest

Part I

The deranged assassin Arcade was having a good day. He had bumped off a fat CEO in one of his Murderworlds, and had fun doing it. And now another client was coming. He got a pack of matches out of one of his drawers. The drawer next to it would squirt acid when opened. Arcade leaned over his intercom. “Miss Locke? Please bring the Cuban “cigars” and the real Cuban cigars. I’d like to make a nice first “impression” on our clients’ face!” He laughed insanely. Arcade had a smooth, oily voice that sounded like it would bite you if you touched it. His laugh sounded like if you made a hyena eat a tin can and laugh. Miss Locke arrived in, holding two identical cigars. “You’ll want the one on the left, sir.” said Miss Locke before briskly striding out of the room. Her boss was in a dangerous mood today. Heads rolled when Arcade was in a dangerous mood. It was best to obey him and avoid him. Arcade changed into his best white suit, slicked back his greasy red hair, lit the cigar on the left, and leaned back in his chair. Just then, the intercom sounded. “Sir, your client is here.” said Mr. Chambers, as a man in a dark robe strode in. He wore a hood, but you could see he had a large head.

“Why, hello there! I assume you’re my client.”

“Yes.” replied the stranger in a nasal voice.

Arcade thought. Usually he could tell who it was right away. He wasn’t so sure now. “Would you like a cigar?” asked Arcade, barely containing his glee.

“Thank you.” replied the stranger. But as he took the cigar, he flipped it back. “I don’t smoke bombs, and I’m not lighting one. I didn’t come here for an attempt on my life. I need you to kill Hank Pym.” said the stranger, slipping a photo of Pym across the table.

Something clicked in Arcade’s mind. The genius, the hatred of Pym, the voice, the huge head....... “Why certainly, Egghead.” Egghead shifted. “We’re having a special this week. Two killed for the price of one! Any other choices?”

Egghead was shaken that Arcade deduced his identity, but he didn’t show it.

“All right. Kill.....Spider-Man.” Arcade grinned. “Pleasure doing business with you.” He held out his hand for a shake.

Egghead glanced down at Arcade’s hand and laughed. “Please stop trying to kill me.” he said, and left the room.

Arcade sighed and disconnected his Taser-strength joy buzzer. “Ah well. Let’s get started!” Part I Arcade planned. He planned, and he smoked, and he planned some more. And after a lot of thinking, he got his plan ready. No, I’m not explaining it. You’ll see.

Hank Pym was in one of the Quinjets at the time. He rocketed through the atmosphere, but Pym had been a hero long enough to know when something was wrong. His Giant-Man senses were tingling, so to speak. Just a feeling-a feeling that started spraying bullets into the bottom and engines of the Quinjet. “(Expletive deleted)!” yelled the usually mild-mannered scientist. He only could think of way out-laterally. As the jet fell, Pym leapt out the window with his parachute. He saw the 150 mm gun on top of a building that had wrecked the plane. And coincidentally, he fell right on that building. The gun, operated by a robotic, unfeeling Mr. Chambers turned and pointed at Pym. Meanwhile......

Spider-Man shot through the city on a beautiful day. He was happy, and why shouldn’t he be? It was a nice day, he wasn’t being attacked, and he was almost done for the day. Suddenly, his spider-sense tingled right below him. “Let’s see what’s going on down here...” thought the wall-crawler, dropping with a web down from a fantastical height into an alley where a large thug with a gun had it pointed at an old woman. “Seriously, it’s okay if you want to be a walking, steroid-snorting cliche. I’m fine with that. But let’s leave Ms. I didn’t do anything to you aloooooo-aah!”

Out of nowhere, a scaly, reptilian monster had launched at Spidey. “Whyyy, hellllooo, sssspidery booooyyyy. Itt seeemmms yyoouuu hhhaaavveee beeennnnn takkeeenn byy surrprrrise!” hissed the Lizard, who had popped Spidey a hard one from the back. Spidey flipped over the Lizard’s back and hit him in the back of the head, but Lizard’s tail snapped out and whacked Parker like a bat. Spidey shot a web and catapulted back, knocking Lizard against a building, who scratched three deep gashes into Spider-Man’s arm. Suddenly, a spray of bullets from an AK-47 hit the combatant and sprayed him into the same building Pym was just falling on.

However, Miss Locke had misfired. Her spread missed her target and nailed a certain reptilian supervillian. One that had nothing to do with the plan. “(Expletive deleted) it.” said Arcade dejectly from a camera. “Maybe they can fight! Heh heh heh....” said the maniac, while reaching for a cigar.

Part II

Time slowed down inside the genius Hank Pym’s mind. He thought over his situation. A 150 mm was pointed at him with the trigger about to be pulled. The blast would tear him into pieces. He wasn’t fast enough to move.

Solution: Do anything. It doesn’t matter. He heard a blast and a canister falling, but instead of hitting the scientist, the blast was directed downward, at the top of the building. Pym fell through into the building, just as a certain reptilian villian was blasted in by an assault rifle. But instead of falling onto the floor of a warehouse about ten feet up, Pym and Lizard plummeted farther down. This “warehouse” had no floor. It was a pit-which led down into a subterranean cavern about forty feet down. Lizard touched the wall ten feet from the bottom and stuck to it, and Pym grabbed on(to Lizard’s chagrin). They dropped to the floor. It was a dank, dirty place. The floor was an amalgam of dirt, mud, sand, and tiny vermin. On one side was just material like the cave itself-dirty rock. On the other side was a metal door. But the door was more like the entrance to a vault. It was huge and fortified. Apart from the strangeness of this huge steel industrial door being there in the first place, there were two strange things about the door. It was brand-new. Polished. It looked like it was either installed or vigourously cleaned that very day. And there was no combo lock, or keypad, or anything-except for a strange device. A metal red hand was sticking out of the door, it’s forefinger outstretched. Like it was pointing. All this contributed to a ominous feeling.

“Hhhooowww caaannnnn wweeeeee geeeeetttttt upppp aaagggaaiiinn?” asked Lizard.

Pym had already thought over the whole thing, and realized something-neither could get out. The only connection to anything was the door. “The door is our only way out. Why don’t I test the hand to see what it-” But it was a little late, because Lizard had gotten up, dusted off, walked over, and smashed the hand off the door-effectively pulling it away from the door-and activating the mechanism inside the finger that would activate when pulled.

Out of nowhere, the door exploded. It was blasted off it’s hinges. Smoke filled the cavern-and another thing-carnival music. When the smoke cleared, Pym saw the entrance to a carnival-Murderworld. The doors opened and they were sucked in.

Part III

“Why, hello, friends! Today you’ll be going to the CARNIVAL! What fun! Duck.” said Arcade over he intercom. A laser had shot out of nowhere. Pym ducked in time. Lizard didn’t. “Oopsies! Duck faster, reptile-boy! The only way out is through my carnival! Have fun. And I’m go-” Lizard smashed the loudspeaker.

“The only way out is to work together.” said Pym. “I don’t like it any more than you do.”

“IIII ddoooonnnnn’tttt neeeeeddddd yyyyoooooouuu. Ouuutttt oofffff mmyyyyyy waaayyyyy!” hissed Lizard, throwing Pym aside. But Pym walked with him, growing to about 20 feet.

Lizard had senses. He could tell where the traps were and when they were coming. And he noticed a bumper car strapped to explosives around a corner. The perfect oppurtunity. Hank Pym knew that Lizard had much better reflexes and he could sense things. He also knew that Lizard would like nothing better than to bump him off and trash Murderworld. His solution? Follow Lizard’s steps. But Lizard pulled the oldest trick in the book.

“Loook!” yelled Lizard. Pym instinctively snapped to attention, and the monster simply hurled in the path of the car-which shot toward him. The second explosion in a few minutes rocked Murderworld. When the smoke cleared, Pym was nowhere to be found. But when Lizard ducked around a corner, a chunk of wall nailed him against the back. Lizard hissed and bounced off the back towards the scientist, who had grown to forty feet! Lizard raked him with his claws, but the scientist hurled him down. Lizard smashed him back. All through this, they were activating traps. Saws, explosives, guns, robots, the two combatants were locked in a chaotic frenzy. Arcade watched, and laughed. Lizard leapt up and stuck to the wall. When Pym turned to look, he dropped on the scientist, curled around his neck, choking as Pym’s legs were cut.

“Diiiieeeeee!” screamed Lizard, but Pym had one final trick.

He grabbed onto a grotesque clown robot with a chainsaw for an arm and held it against Lizard. The reptile screamed and let go, and Pym grabbed him. The tables had turned. And suddenly, in a tiny glass Skybox, Pym saw Arcade.

“Jackpot.” he said, and hurled Lizard in. Lizard immediately lept up and hacked off Arcade’s head, but suddenly, a voice in his chest said-

“Good job catching me. Unfortunately, I am a bomb!” and exploded.

Lizard survived, but what Arcade didn’t count on was the major self-destruct mechanism for the whole facility. The blast detonated the facility’s mechanism, and a prerecorded message came on.

Pym had only one option. He ripped off a chunk of the steel wall, and knelt down. The blast literally totaled the place. Lizard was buried beneath tons of rubble. But Pym could grow, and he was only up to his knees. A hole had blasted to the surface, and he leapt through, escaping the hellish place.....For now.

“Damn.” said Arcade dejectedly from another facility. “Ah well.” “NEXT!”
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How'd we do?

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I think we have to wait for tomorrow. But I'm very satisfied with what we completed in the time.

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Well, even though we probably won't win, we still get fifty bucks.....