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 I give all the credit to Sora the Key for making this AWESOME Banner!

    Here is a contest for you to be in the first community video review. The idea was sent to me by MTHarman who does awesome videos on this site. He told me we should make a community video review and I thought it was a brilliant idea. So, I came up with the idea of making a contest that way people who never made a video review before can have a chance to be a part of the first community video review.  Sora joined, made a banner and he will be making a video review in the community video review and as well as me. 

So here is the rules:

  • Make a video review of any comic you like. 
  • No Cursing. Keep it clean.
  • If you are already a video reviewer you can use an old video review you like the best. 
  • Also have fun with this. Since I do video reviews I notice the videos I do best with are the ones I have the most fun with. It also keeps the nerves down for people who are new to video reviews.

The Juges:
  • Sora The Key
  • Mt Harman
  • Haydneclaireheroes

  • There will be four winners. Those four winners will be a part of the first community video review. 
  • When you win all you will have the chance to participate in making a 5 minute review of Action Comics #900. Send the link to MT Harman and he will edit it to one big Community Video Review on Action Comics #900 which he will make epic. 

If you have any questions just ask me or MT Harman.

The Contest will end at Monday April 25th at 3:00. I will edit this blog and announce the winners in bold below.