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1st place: ScoodleDaddle and Buckshot

Runner up: Coldblood-6 and FourPower

Special mention for Mind and Chediablo's story, which we actually thought was the coolest story of the bunch. It was a hard choice this time. We're also looking into an extra "thanks for playing" prize for all six of you cuz I thought everyone did a cool job.

Thanks to all the contestants. This was an interesting experiment for a contest. I think next one I'll make a little easier to understand, lol, as I think quite a few people got confused by the rules. Look for something like and breezy in the coming month.

Winners. Please PM me your real name, email and contact info and we'll get those Amazon gift certificates out to you.

Scoodle and Buckshot, please give LAMP and I an idea about what you'd like to see us add to the site. You're welcome to ask for ideas on the boards, but remember, it still has to be something that we can build over a weekend, so don't go to crazy on us :)

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Awesome! It was a great contest and we had good competition (we thought Mind/Chediablo's story was great too). Thanks ComicVine.

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Yeah, I thought the competition was really close. Thanks a ton guys.

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Good job. We did the best we could but you still beat us. Fifty bucks iusn't bad for a writing contest though! I liked Mind and Chediablo's story the best too.

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Post Deleted.

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A little late but...

Congratulations to the winners and runner ups...

I apologize for not appearing before but Mind and I were actually taking a vacation and had no internet access... we even had to do a very extensive search for an internet cafe just so we could submit our entries.

Nice job, everyone.

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Great job everyone

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Just wait till next contest....when is the next contest?

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Congratulations ScoodleDaddle, Buckshot, Coldblood-6 and FourPower

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Congratulations ScoodleDaddle and Buckshot. It was a fun contest and a good excuse to drag out my old Avengers issues.

I look forward to the next contest.

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As do I...Muahahahaha!