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Posted by MSchiwal

@spinningbirdcake: While I am adoring these covers, the series is going very slow so far... while it is just okay right now, I would say that you may want to hold off a bit to see if it gets better before adding it to you pull list.

@Xwraith: I take it that is some kind of horrifying bone disease? Okay after a quick google search I realize this is the guy who did Ultimates 3... yeah I hate that man's style... HATE

@DJ1107: I am really liking Nova's covers a LOT but this particular issue got knocked out by some of the others...

And I am going to assume you are talking about this cover(there is another Wolverine cover but its just kind of meh). This one is beautiful and just barely missed being featured... that said it really is something I would like to see more on Wolverine covers... as opposed to you know... snarling.

Posted by DJ1107

Great picks personal favorite ones of mine are Nova for how adorable it looks & Wolverine (The main ongoing) for how gorgeous it looks.

Posted by Xwraith

@MSchiwal said:

What the hell?! Seriously, what is going on with Logan’s face here?

It's Madureira.

Posted by spinningbirdcake

I'm not reading the series, but that Fearless Defenders cover is a perfect example of the art making me buy a comic.

Posted by MSchiwal

@sinestro_GL: Thanks! This is the second month in a row and I plan on keeping it going!

Posted by sinestro_GL

The worst covers made me LOL.

You better make this a regular thing!