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The gangs all here then

Posted by Kiddevil

While i'm glad your back I'm concerned it won't last.

Posted by _Sojourn_

Finally you bastard... Left me hanging like that car on that poster lls
Welcome back

Posted by Naamah_Obyzouth

Welcome back yo!

Posted by Darkchild

@Zeon Liafador: haHAHAHAHA

Posted by The_Assassin_

Welcome back bud!

Posted by The Psyentist

@Darkchild: YAY!

@Zeon Liafador said:

@Alurvelve said:

RUN NOVA! You must hide your innocence!



Posted by Ellie_Knightfall

@Darkchild said:

Thats true, your pervy neighborhood Bastard is baaaack. All your women and daughters are at risk now muahahaha *cough cough*


(nice to see you back)

Posted by Ishin

@Darkchild: I wanted to do something with Ginju? Since when? I kid, I kid ;) Sure thing man, whenever you have time :)

Posted by Zeon Liafador

@Alurvelve said:

RUN NOVA! You must hide your innocence!


Posted by Darkchild

@Feral Nova: your so damn cute

And @ everyone else thank you. Nice to be back

Posted by Alurvelve

RUN NOVA! You must hide your innocence!

Posted by Feral Nova

@Darkchild: T_T ABOUT DAMN TIME!

...I've missed you!

Posted by Urban_Ronin
Posted by Alurvelve

Welcome back bro.

Posted by Lady_Liberty

@Darkchild: Welcome back :-)

Posted by EdwardWindsor

@Darkchild: welcome back man, good to see you around.

Posted by Icarusflies

@Darkchild: Yay, nice to see you again! :D