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Posted by Vortex13

@xwraith: Understood, and look at you ya tall handsome bastard.

Posted by Vortex13

@stormdriven: I am personally a fan of both and would rather not have to choose between the two. If you are asking which I notice more or first, that is easy to answer. If a female is walking by me while facing me I typically notice their face, then hair, then eyes, and then the bust of the woman. If I do this at all, which I usually try not to because I try to be a gentlemen at all times, but I accept both women and men check out the type of person they are attracted too, it's human nature. Anyway this only takes like a fraction of a second when it happens, how ever if there is a women walking in front of me with a nice looking rear (by my preferences, everyone's are different) my eyes linger slightly longer. So with all of that in mind, I guess I am a butt guy. You'll find that I am upfront with my answers to any questions. I'll answer most of them right up front, in my meandering style granted, but ask any question and I will answer it to the best of my ability. Literally ask anything and I'll answer.

Posted by Stormdriven

@vortex13: That was the most elaborate answer I've ever received for that question hahaha

Posted by Vortex13

@stormdriven: Like I said, I'll answer pretty much any question, just in my meandering pattern of speech lol. I kind of type the same way I speak in real life, it's just how I roll dawg. *Insert random gangsta hand sign*

Posted by Eisenfauste

@vortex13: Are you still bored?

What are your favorite things to do?

Falcon punch or kahmehamehah? which is cooler :P

Do you play FPS's or RPG's?

Posted by Vortex13


Nah, not at the moment. A little irritated at the moment to be honest, the younger dog of the animals that reside here keeps trying to climb into my lap. FYI She's not a lap dog.

Favorite things to do? Well Archery is absolutely at the top of the list for favorite activities. Others are writing, doing crafty things, hiking, climbing, and swimming. But swimming in natural bodies of water like lakes and rivers it's preferably to pools for me. I like gaming. Both video games and table top like Settlers of Catan. Although I do play games a lot I usually do it in blocks at a time, like three days of almost non stop gaming and then I'll stop and just do it casually until like three weeks go by and I'll go back to gaming mode lol. Reading and learning as much as I can about aspects of mythology I am not yet well versed in. Going to Renaissance fair's and now cons as well in costume. I also love taking pictures, mostly of nature and animals, that kind of stuff.

Wait I'm forgetting something..... Oh right heroin. I love that stuff, obviously shooting it up is great fun. I really feel like it's an activity for the whole family. You know just passing the needle around to your spouse and kids each of them getting a good dose in. I mean I guess there is a slight issue with the kids doing it, since depending on their age they may not be that competent with needles. But if you just help them out so they can shoot up with the shared needle/syringe you can make sure that they are shooting up with the processed liquid form of an opiate safely and responsibly. It's important to teach kids early on how to inject heroin into themselves with a used needle properly. You certainly can't trust some quack doctor to show your kids.

I'm not so big with Dragon Ball Z personally, (had to look up kamehameha lol) So I will go with Falcon punch since those are not restricted to a particular show so I have seen them in things I've watched lol.

I play both, but I much more prefer RPG's. And the FPS's I play are almost always partly RPG's. Like the Crysis series, Dues Ex Human revolution (I literally stayed up for close to two days straight playing that one non stop except for pee, and food breaks. Love that game), Dead Island, and one of my personal favorites the Deadspace series.

Posted by Eisenfauste

@vortex13: Props to archery being a hobby, do you enter in contests or just head to your yard and shoot some arrows down range. I have been eyeing a recurve bow to buy but haven't commited, do you have a decent recurve bow or do you simply go with a compound bow?

Sage advice for safe and fun heroin use, I always felt like I was doing it wrong, I'll probably take a trip tonight and get a good high since I have nothing better to do.

Posted by Vortex13

@eisenfauste: I have a medieval style recurve, and longbow. Bought both from a guy who goes to ren fairs and the are really well made. He makes them himself actually. I also have a single compound bow that's a 50lb draw weight, both of the wooden bows are 45lb draw weights. I recently bought a fiberglass recurve at an antique fair. There's a massive one a few separate weeks each year two towns over. It's in really good condition, however it didn't have a string with it lol. I know that it's a 60lb draw weight so that makes it a little easier to get one lol. However it's going to be a challenge to start using that one once I get a string for it, the good kind though lol.

I have a large back yard and that's where I usually shoot. It's handy living in the boonies sometimes lol. However they usually have a small archery competition at each ren fair and I have entered those, won a couple actually with some cool prizes for the two I've won. Those are obviously low key, but it is still nice going up against others on occasion. Most of the ones that get to the end are pretty good, but the targets aren't that far so it's not that hard in terms of having to calculate or adjust so much for the distance. It does actually take a bit of readjusting for me, and the others that do it a lot too I'd assume, because we don't get to use our own bows just the ones they provide which aren't great quality since they are used for people who pay to get to shoot a little at the fair, also I hardly ever shoot from that close of a distance so that throws me off too lol.