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Posted by Stormbox

I dont get the problem with superboys cover, thats a very well drawn krypto

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@MSchiwal said:

Judging comics by their covers because a masked man has a gun to my head.

A Quick Complaint

While I was looking through this month’s solicitations, a realization struck that left me feeling sick. Damn, Batgirl is presented as a victim way too often!


finally people are starting to notice it

The Movement- I am still surprised how much I like this cover. I know nothing about this team, I do not recognize a single person but I already like them more than the Titans. Why? Well, everyone looks different, they all are wearing different styles of costumes and everyone has their own color scheme. The linework is clear and the colors are great and my favorite detail is the moevement, everyone is headed in the same but looking back. Just that little thing tells you so much about the team already. Also the fact that they had such strong movement on a title called the Movement? Clever. I hope they continue that in the future.

thats actually a pretty good

everything looks red in teen titans, this have a much joyful colorscheme but also because Amanda Conner is just a brilliant artist, sadly the interior work is being done by one of the worst artists in DC

Posted by jointron33

@arnoldoaad: i dont think williams is that bad

Posted by arnoldoaad

@jointron33 said:

@arnoldoaad: i dont think williams is that bad

he is pretty bad and he is nothing compared to Amanda Conner

Posted by MSchiwal

I have a huge problem with the current Titans, which can pretty much be summed up with the word, RED. Like I had said, that cover above is my favorite image of the new team, but take for example the first promo of the team:

It is all over the place, far too busy and very red. Its not that I can't recognize the heroes as different... its that the art makes me not care. They are all standing around posing and trying to look badass. The Movement in their first picture? Everyone looks different and they are running from something, it intrigues.

@Stormbox said:

I dont get the problem with superboys cover, thats a very well drawn krypto

I was attempting to be a bit brief on that one but I will elaborate. The problems I have with the Krypto/Wolf/Thing is that it I really don't like how it looks. The anatomy is all off for a canine and that facial bone structure is actually more feline. There is random red lightning everywhere which feels both messy and lazy. Those points raise it onto the list above other middle of the road covers, but also... THERE IS NOTHING HAPPENING! It is a boy and a dog staring red-eyed at the audience... I really hate how dark they are making both the characters... especially when the characters used to be this:

Posted by Stormbox

@MSchiwal: Oh, that makes sense

I just thought it was odd your biggest beef with the cover was apparently kryptos design when the dog has had that design for a while now

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Wonder Woman- So long as Cliff Chiang is drawing Wonder Woman covers, they will be in my top ten. The color, the movement, the expressions… seriously. Chiang is my favorite artist working at DC and I discovered him via this series, and he is, in my opinion, the best artist Diana has ever had. Another great cover for a great series.

I could not agree more!!!

Posted by jointron33

@MSchiwal: dogs are fierce animals and not just cute puppies

Posted by CalebHara

The Deathstroke covers have been some of the best so far in the new 52. I am disappointed that this series is being canceled because the writing, story lines, and artwork were all amazing. Some of my favourites in the new 52.

They are Honestly phenomenal.