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Posted by Alton

@jesusdisciple001 said:

Valiant is impressing me and they are bringing back characters i would love to see again everytime i finish reading a story(that's looking at u ninjak) but i feel valiant could kill it with a solar comic he could be a sci-fi hero like xo without having to kill and he could get a costume not a one piece suit(i'll post redesign later) and also magnus was a character with potential if he got real armor and not tunic i would buy it any day also turok though conflicting should be possessed by valiant as they are in dark horse limbo

Dude, I am a huge Gold Key/Dell fan,but how does everyone here including the moderator not know that the 3 were split between Classic Media (I believe Turok) and Random House of all publishers ( I believe Solar and Magnus).Dreamworks has bought the rights for one character and licensed the other two. This puts Valiant out of the picture because Big Studio money is now involved. What the heck Dreamworks expects to do with these characters is God's own guess but there it is. Valiant is in the position it is because they own all other characters outright and don't have to pay licensing fees. This is exactly the position they should be in because for a number of reasons Dark Key bombed and DH paid fees that may have been too high for books very few people bought according to one exDH employee.Valiants current excellent line is also only selling 12-15,000 copies as good as they are. Adding licensing fees to the bottomline is the worst thing Valiant could do right now. I will never follow Gold Key/Dell or Red Circle or Doc Savage and a few others until they are owned outright by the company relaunching them. The following for Valiant today is running behind by more than one half what these books were selling for in the nineties.Dark Horse may have showed us that the following for Gold Key that still existed in the 90's and helped launch Valiant One is no longer there as much as I would like to say otherwise.The reason nobody who follows Comic Vine would know this is because CV is DC/Marvel centric and the worst indicator as to what else is going on in comics.
Posted by pikahyper

@jesusdisciple001: @jesusdisciple001: Dark Horse is still releasing collected editions of classic Solar, Magnus and Turok stories from time to time so I doubt they will give up the licenses until they finish.

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Posted by jesusdisciple001

@sagejonathan:Do they have the rights back

Posted by sagejonathan

They are slowly every few months throwing out another new title. Just wait a bit and the Valiant Universe will be recrafted into something too epic for regular words.

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@The_Tree: thx:)

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I'd love to see these characters brought back into the Valiant fold, especially Solar. Dark Horse isn't doing anything with them right now, so I'd say anything is possible.