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@strider92: this is a REALLY nice thread!
I love it and I am starting to love Kaine

Posted by Strider92

@laflux: Don't trust my judgement I am wrong a lot of the time.......I guess the first part is a good showing of stealth though.........ahhh screw it i'll put the stealth part up!

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@strider92: Ha don't worry. I'll respect your judgement :P

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@laflux: I've actually got them but i'm only adding things that are kind of relevant to Kaine's fighting ability or feats. I don't really wanna upload every fight he gets involved in (gotta give people a reason to buy the comics lol!). Logan and Kaine Vs the Guild is an awesome fight but it doesn't really show anything we didn't know Kaine was capable of or any particularly awesome feat of speed, strength etc.... he didn't really fight any notable character either. So yeah while awesome I didn't think it was particularly relevant. My hope is that eventually Kaine will have enough feats for me to break down into categories. Strength, speed etc... rather than just showing full fights or bits.

But hey this is a respect thread so if you want to post them in the comment section be my guest :D

Posted by Wolverine08

Awesome respect thread! Kaine is my favorite spider and fourth favorite hero! This certified bad ass needs respect!

Posted by laflux

Oh and do you need scans of Kaine and Logan vs the Assassins Guild?

Posted by laflux

Finally got time to update it :P

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Posted by Hanson724

Great thread . I've been reading this since the minimum carnage crossover and love it. The best fight scenes!

Posted by Strider92

@strider92: Hey, have you "abandonned" this thread? Just asking...

Hah no I actually uploaded all the new scans and forgot to add them lol. I'll update it later today.

Posted by Phaedrusgr

@strider92: Hey, have you "abandonned" this thread? Just asking...

Posted by GrandSymbiote94

@strider92: You should really post the fight between the Lobo twins and The Other Kaine.

Posted by Veitha

Nice thread!

Posted by Phaedrusgr

@RogueJuggernaut: Let's see the goodies Yost has for us in Scarlet Spider #15. He's going to kick some serious wolf a$$.

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I'm not usually crazy about bi-weekly comics. But I really wish this comic came out more often. Scarlet spider, Hawkeye, and FF are the three comics I LOVE just for how fun they are.

Posted by Strider92

@RogueJuggernaut: Yeah the old powerset did add some uniqueness to him.

Posted by RogueJuggernaut

@Strider92:But you gotta admit his old classic powerset was the best.It showed that Kaine is not just some ordinary clone but special.You know what they say old is gold.

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@RogueJuggernaut: I think giving him Spider-man's powerset did detract from him slightly. I wish he had kept his strength level because that was beast however overall I like his current powers.

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@Strider92: They made Kaine's Powerset similar to Spider-Man.That is lame because they took his Precognitive Sense and his old stingers which were cool.Kaine's old stingers were able to cut through most conventional material and even metals.Don't you agree with me.

Posted by Strider92

@TheAcidSkull: I thought it was about time Kaine got a respect thread. Especially as his earlier feats are largely unknown (despite them being bad-a$$!)

Posted by pulseangel666

Very nice thread, Kaine is so awsome favorit marvel series as of now! Good work guys!