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Posted by The_Lunact_And_Manic

Digital is awesome, but I only use it when I can't find a specific comic..but when I can't find a specific comic and I'm broke, I shameless download it.

Edited by comicbookreaderguy

I can't go back from digital... but I understand the concern of supporting your local comic shop. I have really enjoyed comiXology (Click here to see the review) , especially going from device to device. I do hope the economics do work out, and its looks like from what data is being releases that digital is not cannibalizing print (yet...)

Posted by Swagger462

@Ben3000: There's a difference between saving a book and saving comic book stores.

Edited by ArtGamer


same here, bro

in my childhood i started reading the comicbooks, but is cheaper for me the digital way, because i'm not from USA and import the books is damn expensive! and digital i buy it at the right price

Posted by CrimsonCake

I mostly buy the First issue of any comic book series and buy the Physical copies after it.

Posted by That60sGuy

Good blog. I mainly read digitally myself apart from some issues that I just have to own on paper. after a 10 year break from reading comics it was digital downloads that got me back into it again and I couldn't be more glad. Plus I do most of my reading on the train to and from work (about a 1 hour journey) and it's much easier to read on my phone or tablet then holding an actual book open. Also it's MUCH easier to get screenshots then having to scan a page!