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That writeup was incredible. RIP to the man who brought me Fahrenheit 451.

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I just ran across this a few minutes ago, and it's fantastic. Very nice write up, Delphic. Ray Bradbury is one of my absolute favorite writers. I try to keep him in mind whenever I get too hung up on the details. He had this way of just making something incredible with the most basic twists. I mean, one story, space buses to Mars are dropping off white pilgrims, who discover that on the red planet, they are the minority, and blacks are forming lynch mobs to hang them. In another story, Mars is deserted and dead, and military men are using sonic cannons to crumble crystal cities, in search of one little blue bottle. The man was amazing.

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@Delphic: Just do it then
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Never really got into his work outside of required reading, but his contribution to literature is undeniable. 91 years is a pretty solid run on good old Earth, he earned his rest

Posted by Roxanne Starr

@Delphic said:

@Roxanne Starr: It's alright. As long as you did notice it. That's what matters.

I'm listening to his Day at Night interview right now.

I know a lot of writers and they all have something in common...it usually takes them a pretty long time to get to a punchline. XD

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@Roxanne Starr: It's alright. As long as you did notice it. That's what matters.

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Nicely done, Dellie!

Sorry it took me so long for me to notice this blog.

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And yet another world Dies. RIP

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While his passing is sad, I love his contribution to literature. Not only did he craft incredible stories, but he let your imagine help to dictate how you perceived his fantastical views of society. We can only hope to do his memory justice by keeping open minds and guarding our individualities. (Yup, I meant that to be plural. Now where is a copy of "Something Wicked This Way Comes"?)

Posted by Delphic

@RazzaTazz: I'm actually going to get right on that. To bad I had to wait till his passing to do so though, eh?

@The Poet: Thank you.

@lykopis: Thank you Lyko. Every once in a while I do deserve a good kick in the pants to get me back on track. :)

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very well written...

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admittedly, back in middle school I was forced to read him and hated him because that forcing. However, I have since revisited him and I really appreciate him now. I'm sorry to hear of his passing...my thoughts and prays are with his family and his loved ones.

coincidentally yesterday I ran across an old video of him with Groucho Marx:

young or old he was an interesting fellow.

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I am said to see him go as well, but you should definitely read Fahrenheit 451, its one of the best dystopian novels ever written.