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Posted by Shadowsnake89

@darth_brendroid: If we have you to thank for the show then thank you. I love watching those on the Discovery channel. When i came up with the Gundam one yeah, my idea was to have theme fire a nuclear mobile weapon into the invader's portal and hitting the mothership.

Fun little fact as well: My brother was part of a school group that was given a project for writing a slogan for the new seat belt law in our state. He came up with the slogan: "Click it or Ticket" and they actually use it now. He didn't get any credit but still.

Posted by darth_brendroid

I came up with an outline for a series called 'Walking with Monsters' when I was about 9 or 10 which 'looked' at the prehistory of the world from the Cambrian to the Ice Age. I recall (though I may be mistaken) sending a message via the 'contact us' tab on the Walking with Beasts site suggesting they use the title 'Walking with Monsters' for a series set before the dinosaurs (Cambrian - Permian). You can put it down to conspiracy theory or you can put it down to what works well. I'm assuming by the Gundam thing you mean destroying the mothership and then seeing all the troops drop down 'dead'? About the samurai thing, he could have come to the same conclusion - how do you make a samurai a threat in the series if they're weak? Use chakra(?) to power your samurai sword.

Posted by Starleafgirl

It's completely coincidental. I remember thinking that there was a chance Phil Urich would become a goblin villain before, but that he was Menace. And throughout my adolescence, I've had the same exact ideas that I then see mere months later on my favorite TV shows. It's 'cos there are only so many good ideas left, I guess, lol.