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Posted by wowylied

Only a little advice :

If you want to have your comics offline like in comicrack it would be better if you take the pics in the cache of your web browser, it would be in better quality than simplay make print screen. Because you actually download everytime the picture in good quality when you read it ;)

Posted by webling

Knew there was some way to do that. Just googled it and thanks for the tip.

Posted by tricache

I too have just stepped over to digital comics and I have never looked back! Its the best thing I have ever done, I love reading comics on the go and having 100+ comics on me at any one time :D

Posted by webling

That's awesome, I'm glad to see there are other people on ComicVine that use Comixology. Also I see that I'm your second forum post, so welcome to ComicVine.

Posted by webling

The files in the cache are .swf's so that's no good. I'm just going to stick with the printscreen method.

Posted by TheOptimist

I'm trying to do some digital comics... but have run into a problem with the app! I have the KindleFire and use the comixology app... every week there is the regularly scheduled update... but the DC books aren't updating! The most recent of their titles available are the first week of issue #4 books! Any help or suggestions would be hot.

Posted by webling

I have only one minute of experience with the Kindle Fire, so I'm not going to be much help. But are you trying to buy them off the device, or are you just trying to access comics you've already bought? Generally it is a better buying experience on a computer, than a portable device from what I've heard.