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Posted by royale_with_cheese

The only person with fish-for-brains in that scenario, is the artist who decided to draw Namor in his speedos.

Posted by Grim

"because i said it over here." lol. +1 to Namor.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Oh boy...I bet the dialogue was stolen from Stan Lee.

I like him, by the way, so that isn`t meant to be an insult.

Posted by Nudeviking

@jrock85 said:

What comic is this from?

One of the Prelude to Schism books. I think issue 3.

Posted by KRYPTON

Wolverine is sensitive about his height.

Posted by jrock85

What comic is this from?

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Its Going down!!!! Fish for Brains, put some custard on that and you have a meal!