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Posted by haydenclaireheroes
@RedheadedAtrocitus: Same thing happened to me
Posted by deadpool1fanjon

i have no clue all it says is there is no show
Posted by Mas

I went to the link on this page and it said I was the 32nd person to finish.
Posted by NightFang

37 person to finish.

Edited by pikahyper

freakin bizarre, refreshed the main page and I got the dang thing and the pop up didn't even come up saying I completed anything and it is still 16 minutes until the start time, glad I don't have to watch any weak looking cartoon :D 
I wonder if it has anything to do with the cartoon not actually airing until 12:15am EST/PST. 
hmm wait a minute according to the web page it aired at 12:15AM on the 21st so didn't it technically air like 21 hours ago????

Posted by Fhiz

I got it on Giant bomb, but I can't get it here... what?

Posted by Jotham

Okay, the video player's up and it looks like it will start soon. I've already got it though, for some reason.

Posted by TSCTH

Number F'ing 4. Think that my personal record.

Posted by Chesapeake

How can I connet to the Chat????
Posted by Risky
@Chesapeake said:
How can I connet to the Chat????
Same question
Posted by castleking
Posted by Risky
@castleking said:
@Risky said:
@Chesapeake said:
How can I connet to the Chat????
Same question
Thank you a lot! :D
Posted by castleking
what can i say, i look after my peeps ;)
Posted by sandman813

#69 to finish
Posted by The Poet
@The Poet said:
As much as I like to get this quests done, I don't feel like staying up 3 more hours. I'm going to bed. Enjoy the points;) Hope they are worth it!
turns out I'm able to wake up at the right time to get it. Ug! now to bed!
Posted by leokearon
@Mas said:

Is this the chat they mean? http://www.comicvine.com/chat/

I think it is, I just went there, typed in any old thing and when I check the frontpage I had completed the quest
Posted by CRTrobinson

I sat for the longest time refusing to take part in this quest.  I wanted to complain about it but then i decided what the hell and I'm glad I did.  Extremely easy quest takes about 5 minutes.  Thanks again @leokearon for the link.

Posted by leokearon
No problem, happy to help
Posted by Billy Batson



Posted by ClawRavenscroft

I did it! 
Posted by The_Warlord

Where can I view the last one?
I Was There

Posted by drunkbear

done #327

Posted by Renee


Posted by difficlus


Posted by The Umbra Sorcerer


Posted by Wolverine0628

I give up.  I'm not watching this show, no matter how many quest points they give me.
Posted by MrGutts

I am starting to not like these quests and why in bloody hell is my text so damn slow to enter on this page!

Posted by notoriousbcb

The chat doesn't appear to be archived yet, so I am unable to watch.

Posted by KRYPTON
@notoriousbcb said:

The chat doesn't appear to be archived yet, so I am unable to watch.

And the link to watch the live show, or the show by that matter, is gone. However I've already got the quest, CV will probably archive it later