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Posted by teoP_ehT
@aztek_the_lost: oh, didn't realize that.
Posted by primepower53
@Rudyftw said:
I love how his quote represents all of comicvine.com.     Thats pimpin

Posted by sora_thekey

@inferiorego said:

@iLLituracy said:

Congrats, I think. ...Now I know that some of these quotes don't actually come from who they're credited to.

This is the first time, that we know of on CV, that a user has been quoted.

My Pet Avengers Review was quoted on another website... (Of course this is much cooler)

Posted by PowerHerc

Very, very cool.

Good for you, sir.

Posted by Sissel

That is awesome. Congrats to you Super-Man 23. :]

ComicVine will soon be in many back-covers of many comics. Kinda cool.

Posted by christopherwalken

That's brilliant, man.

Posted by ithinkitwasyou

that's awesome.

Posted by moywar700

this is impressive

Posted by ARMIV2

Fuh-reakin' sweet and congrats Super-Man 23!

Posted by Roddy010

Quite Noice....