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Posted by The_MVPs

Went and saw HP today (it was pretty good. Not a fan but of the ones I've seen it was the best) but that wasnt the cool part. The second to last trailer was a brand new DK preview featuring footage I've yet to seen. Dont read on if you havent been keeping up with all the leaked vids and what have you. It begins with alot of flashback footage from the original movie with a voice over from a scene(s) in the new one. When it finally gets around to it we see Gordon on what appears to be his death bed (dude was looking rough). He's giving Bruce Wayne (you hear him but dont see anything but the back of his head) a speech about how its time, Gotham has fallen, and only Batman can save it. Couple quick shots of Bruce in what appears to be a new prison scene doing push-ups talking about "I'm not sure if I can anymore." Nothing memorable after that until the end, you see Bane from behind moving in on Batman who's subtly weaving getting ready to throw hands with the big fella. The scene is short but its exciting as hell.

Posted by Vision2.0

Most Likely :/

Posted by Degalon

OH god, "THe source of Bane's power"?  What? NO!
Oh god, this is going to be just another "he's a stupid thug and all you have to do is cut off his venom supply to beat him" portrayal of Bane, isn't it?

Posted by fliptatchi

Lots of great Dark Knight info here! Thanks. Check out how you can be IN the movie: