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Posted by Baddamdog

That would just be all kinds of awesome

Posted by GothamRed
@UnHolyBatman666: yeah I've actually've wanted for a while to have a game like "Amalgam: All-Star Alliance" or "JLX Legends" or something of that nature, maybe some nineties style arcade games would work too like "Spider-Boy featuring Black Bat, Hawkeye, and Aqua-Mariner" or "Super Soldier and the JLA" what do you think?
Posted by UnHolyBatman666

Also I'd want to see a video game of it like Darkclaw,Beastling,Speed Demon,Angel Hawk,...

Posted by UnHolyBatman666

They would have done it already if they released the comics.but still a very good idea-- an alternate dc marvel universe -- maybe meeting the real DC/MARVEL universe

Posted by VenomX10

Id watch it, I've always wanted to read the Amalgam comics, but no comic shop around me sells them