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Posted by VenomX10

Id watch it, I've always wanted to read the Amalgam comics, but no comic shop around me sells them
Posted by UnHolyBatman666

They would have done it already if they released the comics.but still a very good idea-- an alternate dc marvel universe -- maybe meeting the real DC/MARVEL universe

Posted by UnHolyBatman666

Also I'd want to see a video game of it like Darkclaw,Beastling,Speed Demon,Angel Hawk,...

Posted by GothamRed
@UnHolyBatman666: yeah I've actually've wanted for a while to have a game like "Amalgam: All-Star Alliance" or "JLX Legends" or something of that nature, maybe some nineties style arcade games would work too like "Spider-Boy featuring Black Bat, Hawkeye, and Aqua-Mariner" or "Super Soldier and the JLA" what do you think?
Posted by Baddamdog

That would just be all kinds of awesome