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Posted by turoksonofstone
Steve Ditko is notoriously reclusive. An autograph? Not likely.
Posted by nszerdy

Thanks for following up!  I like your point!

Posted by HydraPool
@nszerdy: Well long time ago my Dad collected baseball cards. He went to a convention and Ken Griffey Jr. was signing baseball cards. You had to pay to get him to sign them and you had to hand them to one guy who handed the card to Griffey. He signed it passed it to another guy, who gave it back to you. Now this might seem completely random to you, but back then if someone was signing cards they would have a conversation with the person. Be an actual person, not just some guy who was there to sign cards. I think you got more out if by him sending you the written out letter then you did the autograph, it was much more personal then just signing it and sending it back to you, though in a different life time you could send stuff to club houses and ask for players to sign it and they would, but then again they weren't in it just for the money in those days. So yeah I think you did fine.
Posted by nszerdy


Thanks for the reply!

I hear ya on your first point, he does have a right not to, I agree 100%!  But, let me just clarify about the paper!  I just got the personalized hand-written (in pencil) letter addressed to me, but I talked to someone else I am acquaintances with and Ditko handwrote and personalized a letter for him as well.  So do you still feel the same way!?  Or do you think, if he's going to handwrite so many letters, then why not just sign the books!?  


Thanks for the reply

The reason I wanted some books signed is simply for fun--and I have never sold any of my books.   I really admire a lot of the creators in comics.  Stan Lee being the most obvious----the line for him @ MegaCon was insanely long!     

Posted by CraftyArrow

I don't know  why you wanted to get your books signed. But I think the reason why he don't sign any of his books is because he know people would try to make money off it. Trying to make a quick buck. Again I m not saying you are trying to do that.
Posted by HydraPool

Nah, he has a right not to sign stuff. Once everyone hears that he signs stuff for them, he'll get to busy like Stan did. The writing out a paper is probably something he did once and now he just prints a copy of it for fans.