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Posted by TypingKira

He's so cute! LOL 

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Not wrong at all to wanna see him make that resurgence.  I remember seeing him bleep here and there throughout the Batman: R.I.P. arc however.  I always have seen Mite and Mxy as akin to laying linoleum on the floor; no matter how often you lay it down and stamp out an air bubble, another one pops up in another place on the surface.  Great characters, always will be.

Posted by SC

I am personally still holding out that he will be a leading character in the new Dark Knight movie. Bat-Mite would be an excellent and intensely appropriate character that matches the tone and style of the movie with little to zero disparity. So in that sense I would suppose it would make sense for him to be reintroduced into the comics as well, but original form please, just updated! He should come back as an inter dimensional imp, in the sense that as an inter dimensional imp, he would not have to return as an inter dimensional imp necessarily, but as anything really. So you see, its the opposite of vuoi la botte piena e la moglie ubriaca, or in less creepy turn of phrase, one can have their cake, and one can also eat that cake, without fear or reprise from the Proverb Gang™

Posted by entropy_aegis

He was running around with bruce in RIP.
Posted by RazzaTazz
That was a hallucination was it not?
Posted by xybernauts
@RazzaTazz said:
" @entropy_aegis: That was a hallucination was it not? "
Yeah, but it's also possible that it was Batmite. They left it up to interpretation. I think they should use him more often too, but his presence should only be portrayed as a potential "hallucination". We don't need two  Mister Mxyzptlk.
Posted by Superskrull86

Eh, he had his run.

Posted by Hazlenaut

He came out of joker mind the first time he was scene. Maybe we should consider him a being made by imagiantion.how about we classify figments. He will go in the same category of many of the characters from Fosters Home Imaginary Friends.