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Posted by redleader1

@raineffect: yea asylum and city did a great job ( yet I felt city lacked as many in jokes in its riddles) to bad origins got rid of them I mean come on.

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@notoriousbcb: Riddler:says one of his moronic riddles.

Me:Pulls out gun and shoots him,end of story.

and when was Riddler a major foe?unless villiany was concieved by Riddler and Humpty Dumpty.

LOL,the guy's a joke whose existence is only due to his iconic status/nostalgia.He was rendered obsolete the moment he entered the modern age,this also applies to amny of Batman's other classic enemies,but atleast they lasted all the way up to NML.

Posted by notoriousbcb

@RainEffect: Hear you there.

@Gambit1024: I believe I originally stumbled upon this in the wee hours of the morning as well and had the same reaction.

Posted by Gambit1024

I just read a table of 60's Riddler riddles. That just happened.

Ugh, it's so early lol.

Posted by RainEffect

I really enjoy riddles. Some are so simple yet so unbelievably difficult. I'm glad they made them a little bit harder in Arkham City.

Posted by notoriousbcb
@Wolverine0628 said:
" This is awesome! "
Posted by Wolverine0628

This is awesome!
Posted by Dracade102

Frank Gorshin has the coolest laugh in all of history  

Posted by jloneblackheart

Some of these are awesome. Sparrow with a machine gun.