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Posted by batflasharrow96

I think they need wally west. I know they already have jesse quick but wally west is an essential and he isnt in the main flash series enough

Posted by queenfrost_
@ScarlettLynn:  <3 Yesss!
And the second generation certainly proves the first generation wrong. bring on the third! (as seen in red robin!)
Posted by gammasan55

I agree, great team. My favorite part though is how even though it is a new generation and the way they interact with each other is different when they fight it's still very much the way the League has always worked. Batman is still the planer, Donna is like Wonder Woman in her role,  Kara is starting to step up into filling Superman's role, Jade is a great way to have a GL that's not really a GL, and Jessie is great as new speedster that not as many people know about.

Posted by SmoothJammin

ikr! what's it going to take for a Dick Grayson/Wally West buddy up??

Posted by RedHoodJT

I love the new story. Its great. The art is great. Everything about this book is what a team of super heroes is supposed to be. Great story, great team, great art. All three key essentials have been met. However I do have to agree with you guys on the Wally West/Dick Grayson team up. I would love for Wally to be on the team and in the new book.

Posted by Darkmount1

I actually liked this lineup. If you want to see something I did with them, check out my blog on this site, "Whatever Happened to the Heroes benched because of DCnU?".

Posted by difficlus

Don't really like it...

Posted by BigBDawg

I know what you mean, Scarlett. :) I mean, we got Dick and Donna who would succeed Bruce and Diana, Kara fills in for Clark, Bill and Mik get a chance to shine, plus Jesse and Jenni have connections to the Flash and Green Lantern families and their abilities are along the lines of guys like Wally, Barry, Hal, and Kyle. To be honest, it sucks DC had unleashed Flashpoint and didn't get to expand on this roster of the JLA. Sure, it didn't sell well, but it was a team that was still unique and reminded us about the fact that the JLA aren't a team of elite heroes; they're an elite team of amazing heroes who prove themselves to be heroes to the core, no matter what.

Posted by Dhor

Ma i the only one that really enjoys Bill and Mik? I love this generation of JLA . The book feels a fresh and i love the interaction between the characters. i was surpriesed to see how cool a talking ape and a blue gay alien can be if writen the right way

Posted by BigBDawg

@Dhor: You're not the only one, Dhor. :) I loved the interactions Dick's second JLA team had going for it and how they grew to become a fine example of how the Justice League should be!

Posted by Video_Martian

LOL @ this thread getting bumped...

Posted by MonkeyToe

I don't understand what Big B Is talking about with all the Dick/Donna talk.

Posted by BigBDawg

Sorry about the thread being bumped, and also, Monkey, what I mean is that Dick was Batman in that roster, and shown to be stronger than how he is as Nightwing. And Donna is as strong as Diana and her Lasso of Persuasion helps out in the long run. And if you didn't know, it's just their real names. XD