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Posted by dewboy01

I believe I have those issues as well, including posters and pin them on my bedroom wall.
Posted by cbishop
@william knowles: Sheesh, lucky you.  X-Men 2099 #5 is still the only issue of this I have found.  I'll get to read it one of these days. :)
Posted by daarkanjel

if your interested, i can set you up w/ digital copies of the storyline, i believe i have most of the 2099 volumes on disc, also, spider-man 2099 #15 is a lead in to the story, you would want that one if you're trying to put together a collection.

Posted by cbishop
@daarkanjel: Oh, cool!  Thanks, I'll add the lead-in.  How do you have them on disc?  Did Marvel do digital copies, or did you scan them yourself?  I didn't know that was available. :)
Posted by Alladin Sane

I would like to see the all of the 2099 series released in trade paperback, they were all awesome until the end when they all merged into 2099 world of tomorrow, there is no need to reprint that comic.

Posted by TugboatRogers

Punisher #10-12 all tie quite heavily into Fall of the Hammer as well.

Posted by cbishop

Thanks for the input, folks! I'll have to add those issues when I *finally* have a computer that works well with CV (still working from library and friends' computers at the moment).