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Posted by batmanboy11

Interesting article, but I like Bruce as Batman more. I'm guessing that they'll both be Batman when Bruce returns because of Batman INC starting.
Posted by Harlekin

Grayson should be Batman over Bruce. Not even because he's better, it would of been nice to see a progression with Bruce to see him become more of a overseer of the Bat Family. I would of liked Bruce becoming more like he was in Batman Beyond.

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Posted by JCJQLB

Dick Grayson <3

Posted by DeathpooltheT1000

Did Dick really need to be Batman? 
I mean he become his own man, even Alfred say it, Dick never wanted to be Batman, he dont want to be that dark and live the life of Batman. 
Dick dont have the pants to be Batman, Batman  is more that a suit, even Terry knew this.