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Posted by cbishop
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Well, I'd try Chrome, but it's not my computer. :{ 
The description:  Alpha Flight #79 is an "Acts of Vengeance" issue, from 1989.  The description says the story is about heroes and villains gone to Canada, because of the Superhuman Registration Act.  I'm new here, so I'm only guessing, but that guess is that someone with a lot of points posted a bogus description to get yet more points.  So I suppose the direct answer to your question is: it needs to be deleted. 
EDIT:  This was my first blog, and was specific to one problem on CV, when I first signed up.  I've since edited the blog to be an index for stuff I've posted to CV.  I would've just deleted these comments, but if I delete mine, then courtney's doesn't make sense, and I didn't want that to happen. ;)
Posted by courtney12490
@cbishop: Have you tried upgrading to Google Chrome? It should fix most issues that you are having. Comic Vine isn't very IE-friendly. What about the description needs to be changed?