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Posted by No_Name_

As far as Batman content, I think out of Millar's work you have presented yourself with possibly his only "good" piece. I'd go read HUSH if I were you.

Posted by Dr. Maxwell

Hey what about Batman: Year One, Babs? Very enjoyable story.

Go check out Sin City if you want some good gritty Frank Miller stories.

All Star Batman and Robin I find enjoyable, only because I don't take it seriously at all, I laugh at every page of it, it's a fun read for me.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again is good, well I enjoyed it, some others wouldn't agree as much, interesting story, has alot of the other DCU characters in it, pretty good overall, kinda wierd/flashy art. Pick it up if you want the complete story.

If you can find, Batman: The Cult, is was written in like 1988 right before Jason was killed, imagine Dark Knight Returns with some Grant Morrison thrown into the mix, veyr enjoyable read, and one of the few (if not only) book that has Jason alive as Robin.

Hush is also a very good Batman story, also read The Long Halloween and Dark Victory by Jeph Loeb, has every villain (mostly) and focuses on a few that arent usely in the limelight

Posted by ComicCrazy

I agree with babs. D

efinitely go read hush it is awesome.
Posted by TheBug

I love Hush, and have Absolute Long Halloween which is probably the greatest Harvey Dent Story ever written.

I'll probably check out Batman: Year One

Posted by burr787

I loved dark knight returns and I also like All Star Batman quite a lot. But I see where your coming from with Frank Miller, he reminds me of George Lucas where he created something great and then spent the rest of his career tearing it down. As for The Dark Knight Strikes Again; The first two chapters were supurb but the last chapter is total crap and ruins the whole Batman and Robin team. Some great Batman books that I love are;
1. The Joker ( If you want a more of a movie style Joker with an extremly gritty take on all the characters.)
2. City of Crime
3.Hush Returns

Edited by TheBug

I think when it comes to All Star Batman and Robin you either love it, or hate it.
Not my cup of tea, which is fine.

Joker was fantastic, a work of art.

Posted by Sparda

Dark Knight Strikes Again isn't as good as DKR, but if you can tolerate the excessively strange art then it's a read that's worth it.

Posted by xerox_kitty

Whatever you do... do NOT get DK2!!  It's attrociously bad!  Both story and art are awful.  Frank Miller has done a lot of good stuff in the past.  Unfortunately everything from the last 10-15 years... not so good.

Hush, Long Halloween, Dark Victory... those are worthy stories without the dodgy Miller art.

Posted by TheSavageAssasin

Batman:Year One;One of the greatest batman stories of all time and and one of Millers greatest works

Posted by Sidney

Allstar Batman & Robin was a fun read. Batman abused Robin and was a cruel man.
Posted by TheBug
@Sidney said:
"Allstar Batman & Robin was a fun read. Batman abused Robin and was a cruel man. "

Nothing more entertaining than child abuse.
Edited by BillyButcher

I just purchased and read the All Star Batman and Robin TPB and I liked it. The abuse was a bit over the top at first, but eventually Robin started talking back and making snide and hilarious comments to Bats, and by the end Bats realized he was being too harsh with Dick and took him to the cemetary to grieve, which was surprisingly touching.  
I absolutely loved the way Superman, GL and Wonder Woman were portrayed. Hilarious. 
Thankfully, the art was done by the peerless Jim Lee and not Miller whom I feel is overrated as an artist. Not bad, just overrated.
Posted by blade hunter
@Sparda said:
"Dark Knight Strikes Again isn't as good as DKR, but if you can tolerate the excessively strange art then it's a read that's worth it."

that was my problem im a massive batman fan but i could'nt get past the art
Edited by Marshal Victory
his best work is when hes not near hollyweird stuff far as movies etc.to many irons in the fire i think causes problems .have heard not to watch the spirit or read dk2 or all star batman an robin .same people hated dk1 tho so /shrug 
some of his better writing is older daredevil stuff an some of his newer like http://www.amazon.com/Daredevil-Without-Fear-Frank-Miller/dp/0785134786/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1250987554&sr=1-14   
rwish that was the daredevil movie .tho they did pay some homage to miller if i recall right from some of the dvd bonus stuff.