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Posted by cbishop

Hm. I'd thought that John Mills was a vampire, and was sure I was right when he magically produced the carpenter ant (going back to the "magic vamps" comment in a previous chapter). So the warlock thing was a surprise. Not a bad one. Dissing Johan does not seem like a good idea. Moving on. :)

Posted by joshmightbe

@wildvine: 18 is up. It brings volume 1 to a close but sets up volume 2's major plotline

Posted by wildvine

Warlocks are a nice addition. Makes the Hungry-verse bigger and weirder.

Posted by joshmightbe

@bumpyboo: The next chapter will mostly be set up for Volume 2. It will have a bit of closure to what's going on in volume 1 but a lot of it will carry over. For instance the hunters will have a bigger role in volume 2 so we might not see Jack Wade getting pay back for what happened to his son just yet but its coming.

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Every chapter is better then the last.

Posted by BumpyBoo

Oooh, the penultimate chapter, how exciting! The end is nigh!

Again, I am having so much fun reading this, you are doing great work here. Very glad to have you on the team :)

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Posted by BumpyBoo

Excellent, have added this to the library and will be back for a read after I wake up ^_^

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