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Sounds incredibly dark. always a fan of dark rpg's. That title...i'm sorry but i had to read it after reading that title lol

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god how ive missed you sha. Come friday ill probably be pming u some ideas for rpgs.

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So... is this Cat person somebody I should be worried about?

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I like Cat

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This was so disturbing, I LOVED IT!

Hit the nail right on the head. It was disturbingly interesting and very well written

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Im not going to lie I click on this because of the title...Damn that is dark very dark like blacker than the ace of spades dark.

It was beautiful :)

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@shanana: (Dell here, btw)

Yeah, I remember you said about writing something on Catarina. Never thought it would be so violent and somewhat disturbing. Can tell you, better than many creepypastas I've read.

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@shanana said:

@squares: I wrote it. I was thanking you for your critique.

Oh. I was confused because the user name is different.

No problem.

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@squares: I wrote it. I was thanking you for your critique.

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The story is to serve as a bridge from Do What Thou Wilt. I wrote it to show the present challenge of Catalina,which are the rebels. It also marked the end of her "be nice I've been raped" days. This and the ones that follow will feature more of her in a leader role. I used bloody sort of like violent, and orgasm like excitement.which is ultimately chaos.

I just wanted to write,but lost it midway lol

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@pyrogram said:

Amazing work. Dammn, this is one of those things which inspire greatness O_o

I know, everytime I read other user's blog posts, I feel such a newbie! =P

Great job, Sha ^_^

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Nice work ; )

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Amazing work. Dammn, this is one of those things which inspire greatness O_o

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Your imagery is good, might want to work a little on the punctuation. While I don't get the point of this story, what it was trying to convey (other than the fact that this 'Cat' person was at some point raped and is now 'so totally over it', and that she's powerful I suppose...), or why you chose the title you did (was it something about a loss of virginity?), it's certainly interesting. If it's part of a bigger story then by all means, I'd love to read it, but otherwise it really needs context.

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Jesus Christ, girl.

Amazing read O_O

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Dark but very well written.

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(Dat title)

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very detailed writing

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Vile, but great as usual.

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This was so disturbing, I LOVED IT!

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I'm sort of lost lol, but either way nice story !

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Great stuff, and the title was... an attention grabber lol.

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Foul, but a good story lol.

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Disturbing, but intriguing. I've missed your writing.