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Posted by Charlemagne

O_O you should have broken this down into chapters, jesus lol I'm sure its badass though :D

Posted by Guardian_of_Gravity
Posted by _Animus_

Typewriter Bukakke in here

Posted by Charlemagne

@guardian_of_gravity: lol that might be the longest rpg post I've ever seen (or at least in recent memory :P)

Edited by Guardian_of_Gravity

@the_last_arashikage: I've typed longer. It would have been longer but I thought that the vehicular section would be a bit too uneven.

Posted by Guardian_of_Gravity

Ah nevermind.

Editing the blog system is confusing.

Posted by Charlemagne

What I've read is really good. Kinda hyped to see your space odyssey unveiled

Edited by Agent_California

So tomorrow is the make or break moment. :P