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Edited by cbishop
OC Names:
  • unnamed bully/ brother of princess (prince)
  • unnamed escort
  • unnamed father of princess
  • unnamed ninja/ boyfriend of princess
  • unnamed princess
  • unnamed sister of ninja
  • unnamed Yakuza leader
  • unnamed biker boys
  • unnamed ninjas
  • Dragon Fangs, The
  • Dragon Talon, The

Note: All of the characters were unnamed.

Comic Characters used in this fic:
Picture Credits:
Ninja by bumhand on deviantart. This was the image given for story inspiration in CCC 1.
Princess Mononoke by skimichan on deviantart. This was the image given for story inspiration in CCC 2.
CCC #1 comments for The Ninja

@cbishop said:

I whipped ass on the wrong self important, self entitled bully

Very nice, actions have consequences. Good story


Bronze: @cbishop

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Thanks for stopping in! :^D

Posted by sweatboy

Bishop, buddy! San from Mononoke was an interesting surprise. At first I was like Kung Fu is not what ninja do, and kung fu in kyoto? But this is from before the ninja became a ninja,...

Title is catchy. I'm a sucker for those Ninja x Princess stories, and most of my RPGs take on that theme.

Posted by cbishop

@sweatboy: The Mononoke picture was just what was pulled for the contest. The character is not her - just based on the picture. The ninja and kung-fu stuff I did no research on whatsoever. It was me just jumping in and throwing something out there for the contest. Thanks for liking the title. :)

Edited by jatoe48er

@cbishop you turned a frown upside down (that's a metaphor for the contest entry into another chapter) I like it although it was a little short, but that's the beauty of it. I want to read more.

I do hint a slight fetish towards Dragons in your writing.... I'll keep an eye out for chapter 3.

Edited by cbishop

@jatoe48er: Not exactly a fetish. When the CCC first started, I gave myself a few additional challenges:

  1. No character would be named. This would force me to work on my descriptors, to keep from making it "he said/ she said."
  2. Every entry would somehow be part of a larger, continuing story. I wanted to see how long I could continue the same story, even though I had no idea what contest would be coming next.
  3. And it seems like there was something else, that I don't recall at the moment.

At CCC #3 - creating a villain for Nightfire - I didn't know how to make it fit in a continuing story, unless I mentioned #3 in a later contest, as a story that someone was reading. I gave up not naming characters with CCC #4, but still had a dragon in the story, in case I still wanted to continue on later. With #5 - creating a villain for Superman/Supergirl - I abandoned the continuing story idea altogether, as far as the CCC is concerned.

Outside of the CCC, the story was to be that the ninja was the lover of the princess - a dragon princess - who is solidifying her power base, in search of the Dragon Talons. The escort mentioned in this scene was to later be revealed to be Heironymous, which is why he's a dragon, in CCC #6 & 12.

So all the dragons are connected to one idea, but I'll have to develop outside of the CCC. I think those challenges have been working against me, as far as votes. No one cares that I'm trying to develop one continuing story within the contest, and I'm giving readers only part of a story in each contest. So you'll probably see that change up.

...Oh, and it's short because of the word limits for those two contests. That's why I posted both parts all in one blog. ;)

EDIT: (7/15/13) Oh, going back to CCC #3, I considered telling Nightfire's origin as being something connected to dragon's, just to further the connection to CCC #1&2 - the fire and brown, leathery-looking skin seemed to fit. I wound up nixing that idea to get in more about Magnamor and Doom Rider. Plus, the character really belongs to @payno, so I didn't want to tie it to my story too much. That's why I decided this story would only be mentioned later as something another character was reading. (That hasn't happened yet, if it ever does at this point.)

Posted by jatoe48er

@cbishop cool, I like the shortness. Some stories are too long and use lots of unnecessary words to describe a foot. You don't. I like.

LOL the fetish comment is a joke reference to Savage Dragon and the above dragon stone comment etc.

I think that's a really good idea linking the stories. I have done the same in the D-Man short. The kid and father is Eugene (note attendant says recently lost mother). Chapter 2 makes reference to his dad taking him to wrestling too, linking the stories either people don't care or have missed my link.

We're geniuses, or is it genii ?

Posted by cbishop

@jatoe48er: I'm pretty danged near genius, but not quite. Genii have phenomenal cosmic power, but an itty-bitty living space...so I might qualify.

I think the linking thing is a cool idea too (obviously), but I think the attention span on the Internet (even among fellow writers) is too short to appreciate it.

Edited by lykopis

Knowing the restrictions you placed on yourself makes both excerpts submitted to these contests even more enjoyable. I like that idea, a lot. I am going to try reading more, thanks for arranging them this way for easier access.

Posted by cbishop

@lykopis: No problem. The not naming characters restriction went away after the two CCC's shown in this blog entry. The continuing story, although I said it went away after 5, I suppose that isn't quite right. Like I said, Heironymous is a dragon, and was supposed to be the escort mentioned in this scene. He's shown up in CCC #6 & 12, so I guess you could say the threads are still there. I'm not actively trying to insert links to this story in the CCC now though. So if you're looking for hints of that continuing story, you may be disappointed. ...I hope you enjoy the other entries though. ;)

Posted by cbishop

Bump so I can find it in the forum.