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Posted by cbishop

to be edited in relation to this blog.

Posted by Judge_Dredd

Very exciting time for the book, especially seeing how Erik talks about how excited he is about the book of late.

Personally I don't think Dragon is dying in that issue. I know Erik isn't kidding around about 193 being a jumping on point like a new series, officially starring Malcolm. But Dragon is too good, and I think it could be great to have him as a supporting character. Maybe he'll hit the road and return to Malcolm's life in a couple years or something. Can't wait

Edited by cbishop

@judge_dredd: I don't know. I think he had the chance for him to be gone like that when he went to space with the rest of Kurr's race. Larsen has always said that nobody is safe in the book, and that includes Dragon. I think maybe he's really going to kill him. Even if he doesn't, Malcolm is definitely stepping into the main character status. You're right: very exciting time for the book - but I'm not expecting a lot of fanfare for it. I think Larsen's just going to make the change, and that'll be that.

Posted by jointron33

I guess Malcolm and his girlfriend will be the new protagonists

Posted by cbishop

@jointron33: It's looking that way. There's a very small fraction of me that thinks Larsen might be pulling the hype over everyone's eyes, and Officer Dragon will live through his supposed demise. But he's always maintained that no character is safe in the title, including Dragon, so we'll see.