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Posted by RazzaTazz

I like the quotes under the pictures. Nice small change to the format.

Posted by sora_thekey

I posted these but I didn't get a chance to share my opinions...

  • What video games have you been playing recently?

In cohesion to this article, I recently started re-playing X-Men: Legends.

  • What is your all time favorite video game?

My user name should serve as a hint... KINGDOM HEARTS!

  • What is your all time favorite video game based on comics?

This is a tough one... I think it's between X-Men: Legends and MUA.

  • Is there a video game based on comics that has changed your perception of a character or group of characters?

I'm coming back to XM:L a lot but this game got me interested in the Ultimate X-Men series. Which I love, but it also got me to appreciate the female characters of the team a lot more. They are simply stronger and better than the male members of the team. Makes me think about the new X-Men book and how excited I am for it.

  • Does playing a game based on a character allow you a better connection to that character in the comics? Or to put that in another way do you get a vicarious escapism of thinking that you really are Batman or Spider-Man by directly controlling their actions?

I disagree with the participants of the RT. Playing as Spider-Man in Spider-Man 2 (and 3) really made me enjoy web swinging through the NYC buildings. Batman: Arkham Asylum made me appreciate the sneaking around part of being Batman. As escapism goes, it worked for me.

  • There are many different formats of games (first person shooter, side scrolling, RPG, fighter - I don't know very much about games, but you get the point.) Is there any format that you think is best suited to video games based on comic characters? And a worst format?

I like 3rd person too much to even consider a comic book-based game that has a first person outlook. Although, I have yet to play Shattered Dimensions to really see what that's like.

  • So where do you see the future of comic book video games going or what would you like to see?

I want an "event" game done right. I haven't played MUA2, but I think having a Blackest Night game or a Secret Invasion game would be a lot of fun. Also, that Deadpool game is calling out to me.

I would also like to add that as comic book games go, I really enjoyed the Teen Titan game. Now that was completely just FUN!

I like the quotes under the pictures. Nice small change to the format.

Glad you liked 'em!

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Lego Batman (nro. 1) is the only comic game I`ve played. It`s fun ( It`s a regular Lego game about BATMANS world. Also, the heroes and villains have their OWN levels. Naturally, the villains steal the show ). Though, I was a bit disappointed that it was mostly based on the 1980`s-1990`s movies. But, it`s nothing more than a quibble.

Posted by The Poet

I'm not very much a fan of video games (hense why I'm here rather than say Gamespot), but that was interesting...

Posted by XImpossibruX

Prepare to be disappointed with Mass Effect 3.

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Lots of quotes from me under the pics, feeling smart and honoured

Posted by lykopis

Great answers from everyone - was a fun read and trip down memory lane. :)

Posted by ccraft

Injustice is my favorite game,love that game!

Posted by sora_thekey

@ccraft: Really?? Why?

Lots of quotes from me under the pics, feeling smart and honoured

I just realized you're right, a lot of those quotes are yours... I was just thinking that those particular phrases brought an image to my head and then I put it in. Coincidentally they were yours.

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@sora_thekey: Well because it's a great fighting game, and it has most of my favorite DC characters.

It also has a great comic series! Whats not to love about Injustice?

  • Online is fun
  • Star Labs is challenging, and keeps you busy. Also you can unlock a few skins threw missions
  • Each character is unique
  • DLC skins have been great so far
  • DLC characters have been great so far, Batgirl is great for Zoners or "Spammers"
  • Practice mode is great

I've already bought the Season Pass, and I'm going to get every skin pack that becomes available.

Bad news is my Ps3 won't read disks and now I have to buy/download the game from PSN. I was going to invest that $60 into comics, but I just need to play this game!!!

Posted by EdwardWindsor

@sora_thekey: Lol i guess i can paint a picture for you when you read then.

Posted by sora_thekey

@edwardwindsor: Artistic in every way :P

@ccraft: I don't question the comic book... that has been great. The game is what doesn't interest me so much.

Posted by ccraft

@sora_thekey: Fighting games seem to keep my interest longer than story mode games, but thats just me.

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Posted by Jorgevy

Prepare to be disappointed with Mass Effect 3.

I don't know if that was meant for me, since I meantioned that I just had got ME3 in the RT, but I'll answer it anyway.

Mass Effect 3, when I finally ended it and after the last DLC (Citadel), actually became my favorite game of all time, right on par with Pokémon SS, Black and ME1

but hey, that's just me, I'm weird like that