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@delphic: I thought I had, nice. This is an excellent chapter, almost touching in places with Connor feeling regret, hemmed in by his actions and choices of returning to Smallville

"We’ll I don’t get a lot of visitors, outside of a couple folks. It’s even rarer that I get visitors from outside of Smallville, and normally they want something other than to just catch up on old times. I mean, why else would anybody want to bother an old war veteran living out in the middle of nowhere?”

“Because he’s needed.” Diana answered, changing her tone. Connor easily picked up on the serious nature, and new right away that apparently something was going on.

“What’s happened?” Connor asked as he knelt down to pick a dandelion, and trying to act like he wasn’t really interested.

The picking of the dandelion was a nice touch! Good work

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Hehe, no rush at all mate :) Very happy to have you on board. Unofficially, of course ;) All the more excited having read this.

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@bumpyboo: haha, I'm glad you like it, and believe me I'm working on stuff for Horror, it may take me a little while. Just consider me the Batman of that group, you know unofficial and all. :P

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Wow. This is, without fear of exaggeration, absolutely brilliant. It truly is :)

*tries hypnotizing you with a pocket watch*

Cooooooome.....jooooooooin us...... :P

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@awesam: Thanks glad you liked it. ^_^

@wildvine: I'm glad I was able to help. Also PM me about your ideas involving cadmus (I'm guessing that's what you were referring too), because the Cadmus stuff plays into the future of Kon-El.

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“This mother box contains all the information we’ve gathered thus far on the rebels operating in Metropolis. We’ve discovered that they’ve been using old Cadmus cloning specs in some of their labs.”

Suddenly Connor’s eyes went wide as he looked up at Diana. “You’re kidding!” Connor exclaimed, hardly able to believe what he had just heard.

“I only wish I were.” Diana crossed her arms, “So far we haven’t seen them accomplish anything, but if they do, I hate to imagine what they will do with it.”

Connor was dumbstruck. He thought all the Cadmus files had been destroyed long ago. The idea of an army of abominations soaring through the skies caused a sick feeling to rise up in his gut. If the rebels really had the ability to create more super clones like him, it would be a complete disaster. Hundreds would die, entire cities would crumble. Connor agreed that something like this had to be prevented from ever happening, but was he really the one to do it? He just didn’t know.

I could kiss you boy. I was stuck, but now I know how my main character came about. So thanks for this bit.

Overall: I like Conner's character. He feels like someone trying way to hard to be normal. So that came out perfectly. Also love how you wrote WW. It shows that yes, the league fell far, but maybe some of the goodness lives on in some of them. It also reminded us that the league is trying to do good, even if through bad means. Very deep story here Del. I'm sure there's much more to it. Great read sir. <3

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Awesome! Really got into it.