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Posted by joshmightbe

@18hunt: Its been up Kev just hasn't added it to the library yet

Posted by 18hunt

Part 4?

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@joshmightbe: @awesam: "Well if you consider a guy who defeated a Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Maxima with one hand literally tied behind his back before beating Superman into a coma bad, then yeah."

Doomsday = bad times for shazamers! :)

Good work

Posted by 18hunt

Really like this one! :D great job you guys

Posted by Pyrogram

Like it, Good job, good descriptions etc.. Lol at the doomsday introduction.

Posted by AweSam
Posted by joshmightbe
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@tommythehitman: I had his cameo in there it just looked completely shoe horned

Posted by TommytheHitman

Awesome! While there were a few typos that doesn't matter. I really like how they're not getting along and while I'm a bit sad that Bob didn't get a cameo it was still awesome!

Edited by AweSam

Part 4 will be the conclusion.