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Edited by AweSam

Part 4 will be the conclusion.

Posted by TommytheHitman

Awesome! While there were a few typos that doesn't matter. I really like how they're not getting along and while I'm a bit sad that Bob didn't get a cameo it was still awesome!

Edited by joshmightbe

@tommythehitman: I had his cameo in there it just looked completely shoe horned

Posted by joshmightbe
Posted by AweSam
Posted by Pyrogram

Like it, Good job, good descriptions etc.. Lol at the doomsday introduction.

Posted by 18hunt

Really like this one! :D great job you guys

Edited by batkevin74

@joshmightbe: @awesam: "Well if you consider a guy who defeated a Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Maxima with one hand literally tied behind his back before beating Superman into a coma bad, then yeah."

Doomsday = bad times for shazamers! :)

Good work

Posted by 18hunt

Part 4?

Posted by joshmightbe

@18hunt: Its been up Kev just hasn't added it to the library yet