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Posted by xlab3000

that was a good rap battle. Spiderman wins in my opinion.

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I say Naruto owned him.

Especially that Doc Ock reference, that had to hurt a lot worse than anything Spidey could say LOL.

Posted by xlab3000
Posted by The_Legendary_SuperSaiyan_Hulk

Spiderman won that

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That's no reason to boast

'cause what happened to the one girl

you cared about the most?

And with this line Spiderman is Owned

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Spidey also go to infinite source on youtube, or look up rap battle naruto vs sasuke or Spidey vs Wolvie, they're beast

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Lyrics were pretty spot on. Naruto attacking his personal life on the level he did sealed the deal for me.

Posted by joewell

@shadowsnake89: You make this? ITS FLIPPING AWESOME

But yeah, great fight. And Naruto wins

Posted by New_World_Order

Awesome ! You should make more.

Posted by Paro

Naruto owns it

Posted by Wardemon32

Sipderman won HANDS DOWN

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ha ha ha

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i liked it but.... it's unfair. you have more lines for Naruto than for Spidey and also some spelling mistakes. other than that it's cool, I totally read it with their voices in my mind

Posted by Shadowsnake89

@joewell: Yeah I made it up at work and wrote it out during lunch. I want to post it on Youtube someday. I think I might make a few more. Maybe use some Avatar characters.

Posted by joewell



I love Avatar

And if i can't make a suggestion

Sokka vs Deadpool