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Posted by JimTheSurfer

Intelligence. Pete is very smart. And that's what would be most helpful in real world.

Posted by Shawnbaby

Strength and Agility.

Edited by Ninjablade09

@knightrise: Well I'm don't need it for dangerous stuff that Spidey needs it for just need it for minor stuff like fights at school. I also wouldn't mind it being like it is the Raimi trilogy where it feels like time has been slowed down.

Posted by wr3h

I definitiately choose A

Posted by mightypug78

@vision2_0_: a) was strength and AGILITY. :) + his immunity defenses

Posted by Vision2.0

e) Other: Agility

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@ninjablade09: Spider sense is way less effective without the reflexes and physical properties to leap out of the way of imminent danger.

Posted by therrieur

I'd definitely take c), man the guy can make make a suit that makes you invisible, you know how much money you'd make with that?

Posted by Strider92

Intelligence I guess.

Posted by guttridgeb

Initially I thought c for certain but I'm not quite sure any more. both a and b would be awesome as well.

Edited by LastOblivion

A or B. Probably A.

C is a good one, too...

Posted by Ninjablade09

Spider-sense. Would help me a lot.