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Posted by Knightsofdarkness2

Cool list!

Posted by ccraft

@robogeist: Thanks. I like Spidey, even I though don't have much comics of him.

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Nice list, Not a huge Spider-man fan though.

Posted by ccraft

@lyrafay: Awesome, you have some really awesome Batman comics. The comics on top of my list is the most recent comics that I have collected, it seems easier not to organize this list.

Posted by LyraFay

Hey I almost got the same Batman titles as you!

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Posted by flazam


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  1. TMNT: Secret History of the Foot Clan
  2. Batman: Hush
  3. Avenging Spiderman: My Friends Can Beat Up Your Friends

1. Favorite TMNT book

2. Favorite Batman book

3. Favorite Spider-Man book

Posted by flazam

what would you say where the top 3 best ones on that list

Posted by ccraft
Posted by flazam

nice list