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Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

of course we need Wanda!!!! Its a Deadpool i can fap to now!!!!

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No Scandal Savage ?

She's Vandal's daughter...does she count ?

or X-23, Mockingbird (maybe not her, up to you miss mod)

Posted by wildvine
Posted by wildvine
Posted by dboyrules2011

Supergirl. <3

Posted by Darling_Luna

@wildvine: i know, but you said if she is needed or not, and she is

Posted by wildvine
Posted by Darling_Luna

Need Deadpool girl

Posted by Joygirl
Posted by Mr.Q
@wildvine: you're welcome. if it helps there is a page on one of my favorite websites that may help.TV Tropes  Distaff Counterpart. 
Posted by wildvine

@Mr.Q: Thank you. I actually meant to add Mary marvel but forgot. Never thought if ms marvel and i did not know nocturne,( not much of an X-man reader).

Posted by Mr.Q
Ms. Marvel to Captain Mar-Vell. (Marvel.)
Mary Marvel to Captain Marvel. (DC.) 
there is also the numerous Spiderwomen. and
Nocturne  to Nightcrawler.