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Posted by Guru_Crack

hmmm some characters I dislike on this list but also a few characters I have love for. Haha

Posted by batkevin74

You don't like Reed Richards. Is that due to his powers or how writers use him?? Coz I think he's okay but if they're ever stuck, Reed invents a machine that gets them out of trouble

Posted by Joygirl

Replace Starfire with Deadshot and we are golden.

Posted by 4donkeyjohnson

You don't like Starfire? That's surprising I am curious on why? And why she's #1?

Posted by Trodorne

While i disagree with some aspects of this list its still a good and interesting list. so kudo's to you and I would prefer Jean Grey to stay dead.

Posted by Ravager4

@feebadger: ha, nope XP

Posted by feebadger

Sooo, i'm assuming then that Fantastic Four, Red Hood And The Outlaws and X Men are NOT on your pull list then? ;P