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Posted by feebadger

Sooo, i'm assuming then that Fantastic Four, Red Hood And The Outlaws and X Men are NOT on your pull list then? ;P

Posted by Ravager4

@feebadger: ha, nope XP

Posted by Trodorne

While i disagree with some aspects of this list its still a good and interesting list. so kudo's to you and I would prefer Jean Grey to stay dead.

Posted by 4donkeyjohnson

You don't like Starfire? That's surprising I am curious on why? And why she's #1?

Posted by Joygirl

Replace Starfire with Deadshot and we are golden.

Posted by batkevin74

You don't like Reed Richards. Is that due to his powers or how writers use him?? Coz I think he's okay but if they're ever stuck, Reed invents a machine that gets them out of trouble

Posted by Guru_Crack

hmmm some characters I dislike on this list but also a few characters I have love for. Haha