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Posted by AmazingWebHead


(You put Harley Quinn twice)

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@cobramorph: I could have just put characters instead, I only put heroes just because. By accident I guess. I guess I had heroes on the mind, but before long I had, Mileena and Harley Quinn on the list. Now I can't change it or I'll lose some of the characters.


But, Meleena is a villain. Just like Tanya & Skarlett.

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@Xwraith: Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Xwraith

I like comics. I like asses. I like this list.

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@PowerHerc: Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by PowerHerc

Great premise and great choices!

Posted by CEO_OF_FRESH

@Dru_zod: Are you disgusted or amazed?

Posted by Dru_zod