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Posted by PowerHerc

Most of theses are so obscure I've never heard of them.

What has happened to Faith, Jemm and Amethyst?

Posted by SlamAdams

Hitman was gunned down by the FBI in his last issue. I doubt he will be brought back without Garth Ennis.

Posted by mynx

Most of the characters that came out of 'Bloodlines' have been killed...

Posted by mynx

and most of the Team Titans members didn't survive 'Zero Hour'...

Posted by foleyverse

draaga died in the "panic in the sky" story arc in the superman books on warworld fighting against brainiac. the wanderers were wiped out in the infinite crisis maxi-series and the team titans were wiped out during the zero hour event after being revealed as a figment of monarch/extant's imagination with help from the time trapper. most of the hybrid were killed by Roulette and her underground fights at her illegal casino. indigo sacrificed herself prior to the final crisis event as to prevent brainiac 8 from returning and wylde was mutated into a dumb monster by felix faust when he took on that version of the outsiders. i think technocrat died in space after being possessed by eclipso, not sure about that one. the supermen of america found out that luthor was using them to discredit superman and disbanded and outburst when on to join the losers and superman's supermen of america. infinity inc II survived everyman's betrayal (who disappeared after faking his death) and with the exception of nat irons i believe were all amoung the first to be killed by black atom in the world war III event in the middle of the 52 storyline. hope was killed by luthor and mercy cause she turned on them and tried to go straight. power boy died along side the rest of cyborg's titans east just before final crisis. joshiah power was killed and power company folded. and mynx was right about the bloodpack characters with the exception of loose canon and i just dont think they use him anymore. and thats all that i know about those on this list

Posted by Justthatkid


Posted by Iron Apollo

great list!!