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Posted by BrotherEye

Rick Remenders Secret Avengers introduced a race of living androids and robots called the Descendants that might be relevant to the list. They consisted of robotic 'descendants' of all human robotic creations like Visions, Doombots, Adaptoids, Sentinels etc etc.

Posted by Hawkeye446

@Herokiller12344 said:

Ultron is the Best Robot character ever.

Jocasta > Ultron.

Posted by Herokiller12344

Ultron is the Best Robot character ever.

Posted by RazzaTazz

There was a robot character in volume 1 of Wonder Woman around issue 225.  Not sure if that is too obscure.  The Alpha Lanterns might also work, as would the Cyborg Superman and any other leader of the Manhunters.  Also the rocket reds.  Technically also the batmobile is a robot